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Saturday April 13, 2013
Byram Hills High School
12 Tripp Lane, Armonk, NY 10504
Westchester-Putnam Math League

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NYSML 2013!

A Division

Congratulations to the winner of the A - Division: New York City!

Monroe County placed second and the Albany Area Math Circle placed third!

B Division

Congratulations to the winner of the B - Division: Suffolk County!

DUSO placed second and the Onondaga placed third!

Individual Winners

Allen Liu - Monroe County

Andre Arslan from New York City placed second and Mehtaab Sawhney from Suffolk County placed third!

Allen had a perfect score among seventeen other competitors who also had a perfect score. Allen won the tiebreaker by answering the second question correctly in the least amount of time. Congratulations Allen!

Berman - Rockow Award Winner

Jimmy Jiang - DUSO

Alfred Kalfus Award Winner

Mary O'Keeffe - Albany Area Math Circle Coach

Team awards are given based on the highest scoring team in either division. The NYC Manhattan Team had the highest score in Division A. Thus, NYC is the winner of Division A. The next highest scoring non-NYC team is from Monroe County, and the next highest scoring non-NYC and non-Monroe team is the Albany Area Math Circle. Thus, NYC, Monroe, and Albany are first, second, and third place in Division A.

For Division B, Team awards are again based on the highest scoring team in either division. In this case, Monroe had the highest scoring team in the B division. Since Monroe already won an award in Division A, first place was awarded to Suffolk County. Second place was awarded to the highest scoring non-NYC, non-Monroe, non-Suffolk team which was DUSO. In a similar fashion, Onondaga was awarded third place.

Alternate teams are not eligible for team awards since they consist of competitors from different regions.